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Complaints Procedure

Who can complain?

Members of the public, businesses or counsellors who are currently seeking, receiving or have received a service provided by a member of Wellbeing for Work can make a complaint against that member.

Before making a complaint

Where the complaint is against the individual or an organisational member of Well Being for Work .

How to complain

Standards for Complaints Procedure advised by for Susannah McIntosh

And her practice in face to face and online counselling and psychotherapy

This is accessible to the public e.g. hard copy, on website notice boards etc.
It is made available in other languages and formats on request and if possible
Information on Complaints Procedure is passed onto clients and/or those to whom they provide counselling related services including training and supervision
A complaint can be made e.g. in person, in writing, telephone, and or email,
That assistance is offered to complainants who are unable to submit complaints in writing
That assistance and advice is offered to complainants to enable them to understand the complaints procedure, and where they may obtain this support internally and externally e.g. via local advocacy services
the full contact details for complainants to use in the procedure;

Susannah McIntosh

10 Windmill Road



Arrangements for communicating with complainants about the progress of the investigation will be by email from Susannah McIntosh
Complaints will be acknowledged and dealt with e.g. within 10 working days
The time limit given for complaints to be accepted and investigated e.g. a maximum of three years following the date of the allegation
Anonymous complaints will be investigated and responded to where appropriate information is given.
Once the complaints procedure is exhausted that complainants who are not satisfied with the outcome can submit a complaint to COSCA or BACP under its Complaints Procedure, contact details provided by SMcIntosh
Susannah McIntosh will manage the complaints procedure.
An independent and impartial investigator (s) or complaints panel will be appointed to investigate the complaint in a confidential manner
The investigator(s) and/or complaints panel will be impartial and independent of the complainant and person complained against and will act confidentially in their handling of the complaint
All parties involved in the complaint can, where relevant, declare a conflict of interest to a designated person
The investigator(s) and/or complaints panel will hear separately and not together the evidence from either party and the complainant and the party or parties complained against and/or their representative will not attend the complaints panel meeting at the same time
The party complained against and the complainant have the right to attend the complaints panel meeting and be accompanied and/or represented by a supportive person of their choice at the meeting.
The periods of time for each stage of the investigation depend on the nature of the investigation and will be given during the process.
The maximum amount of time for the complaint to be investigated will be 9 months
The responsible individual identified to manage the complaints procedure can halt the complaint at any stage should it emerge that legal action is under way, pending or intended and that the above person can halt the procedure until any legal process is complete
Possible sanctions that can be applied and how the fulfilment of any sanctions imposed will be monitored
that there is an Appeals Procedure against the decisions made under the Complaints Procedure and includes the Appeals Procedure
that the Report to COSCA at Conclusion of Complaints Proceedings

will be submitted to COSCA. (See COSCA’s website under complaints.

or BACP are contacted: Send your complaint by post to BACP House, Unit 15, St. John’s Business Park, Lutterworth, LE17 4HB, or email it



The complaint documents can be obtained from Well Being for Work.

The data consent form must be  completed and sent, signed, dated and marked ‘private and confidential’ to Susannah McIntosh, Well Being for Work, 10 Windmill Road, Hamilton, ML3 6LU.

The complaint must:

  • identify the member(s) complained against
  • whether the complaint is against an individual or organisational member
  • the part(s) of the Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice which have been breached
  • how the above part(s) of the Statement have been breached
  • provide evidence that when the complaint is against an organisation or its staff that its complaints procedure has been exhausted

Responding to complaints

All parties involved in the complaint will be kept informed about what is required of them and about the different stages of the complaint procedure.


Well Being for Work can make decisions of sanctions against a member of Well Being for Work in the event of a complaint being upheld. All parties involved in the complaint will be informed in writing of the outcome of the complaint procedure.

Well Being for Work
10 Windmill Road
Hamilton, ML3 6LU
Tele: 07736813579

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